3d illustration of the word rebrand in white, in the process of being changed to blue pencil, on a black background.

Rebranding My Firm: Why Change Our Name?

We had a pretty good website. Trouble was, it showed a picture of four women. Two of them were no longer working with me, and six others had been added. I didn’t know how to change it. Websites are not my jam.

Over the years, I’ve worked with three different people to manage my website; solopreneurs who have since given up self-employment to take full time jobs in other industries. What I want and what I needed was a real web development company with vast experience that will stay around long after a site goes live to provide updates and help me do other things.

Fortunately, I found Hummingbird Creative Group, a brand awareness and strategy company that has been in business for more than 20 years with excellent recommendations, amazing client experiences to share with me, and an owner that I’ve personally known most of my 12 years in Cary, NC. What luck!

Wendy and Cathy came for a meeting. I listened to their pitch, but said, “Really, all I want is an updated website. When people call me, I want them to have the ability to get information about us, just so they know how great we are. I don’t need marketing. I get lots of phone calls.”

Smiling, Wendy asked, “Don’t you wonder about the people who are NOT calling you?”

Well, now I do.

And so we embarked on a great adventure together, which resulted in changing my company name from Susan Pruskin Consulting to Brilliant Numbers. This coincided with transitioning my company from bookkeeping to a subscription model concierge service, which I was also planning to do prior to changing our name.

Any time I met someone at a networking event, and they heard my name announced as a sponsor or read the company on my name tag, the question was, “What kind of consulting do you do?”

My reply to that was always, “QuickBooks.”

That was the correct answer, but that was not the complete answer. I started out 15 years ago helping small business owners understand how to use QuickBooks. Then I grew into doing all of the QuickBooks work for the businesses instead of teaching them how to do it. Next, I picked up payroll, tech stack suggestions, and ultimately client advisory services.

Yes, we are still QuickBooks consultants. We use QuickBooks Online only, and will migrate clients from QuickBooks Desktop to Online. But we are much, much more than that now.

Numbers are all around us. Our clients say to us, “Are my numbers ready? Can you show me how to understand these numbers? Why are these numbers so different?”

Numbers. That’s our jam. Brilliant Numbers. That’s the kind of numbers we want, sparkling with the information that assists owners in making their company decisions. Shining with the owner’s intelligence that leads the company. The perfect financial data to guide the business owners to their goals.

So, we have rebranded to project that image.

What a fun ride this is! So far, we’ve had a fantastic response to the new name. People like it. They understand it. Hopefully, they want to be a part of it, and we’ve had success in bringing on new clients to a brilliant subscription model. We’re looking forward to making them shine and sparkle.