Woman standing and smiling as she proudly shakes a congratulatory hand with male boss at work with others sitting and clapping in the background.

Firm of the Future – Gratitude

The Fall season kicks off the holidays. Time for family, good friends, and showing our gratitude as we approach Thanksgiving. The older I get, the more I realize that all things on my path led me to the present. I’m grateful for the directions my journey took. Here are some of them:

Love of accounting:
When did you first discover that accounting was your jam? For me, it was one year into my first job out of college.  I absolutely hated the job! My dad had started a business when I was in high school that was doing very well. I stopped in one morning on my way to work and told him how unhappy I was. He offered me a position in his office, but with the caveat that I would have to work very hard. No special treatment. I would start at the bottommost entry level position and would have to work harder than anyone else to advance. Challenge accepted! Pretty quickly, I discovered that Accounts Receivable was a bit of a mess. I spent hours digging into mismatched payments, sending out statements, and climbing through boxes in the attic to attach signed invoices as back up. For my successful collections, he rewarded me with a bonus and a promotion. I’m forever grateful to both of my parents for teaching me a strong work ethic. 

Quickbooks Specialty:

Did you always know that people would pay you to teach them how to use Quickbooks!? I had no idea. After using it in two different jobs, I fell in love with how easy it was to reconcile bank accounts. I had first learned that chore the old-school way when the banks actually sent you copies of your cancelled checks. This new-fangled software was a breeze! When I discovered some business owners needed instruction, I was very grateful I’d learned how to use it.

My Own Business:

How did you get started? The catalyst for me was my very first client. She had taken the class and determined she really didn’t want to learn how to use Quickbooks. She wanted to pay me to do her bookkeeping. Would I please do that? She knows I consider her the reason I have this practice now. What if she had never called me? What would I be doing today? I’m so grateful for that nudge in this direction.


Since that day, I’ve worked with about 500 small businesses. I have to thank each one of them for placing their faith in me. I’m grateful to have earned their trust. Along the way, we’ve learned together. I’ve watched many of them grow, as they have fueled my growth. 

This Team:

As I expanded from a solopreneur working out of my home to a full team of bookkeepers and assistants, I’m very grateful for the amazing women who make up our company now. Each brings different skill sets that complement each other. Hiring your first employee is terrifying. I’m so glad I bit that bullet. Without the help of the greatest team in the universe, I would never have been able to grow. They celebrate our successes with me and offer kind words when we have disappointments. It’s a team in every sense of the word, and I’m grateful for them.

Referral Partners:
Where do your leads come from? We get quite a few from the ProAdvisor site. Referrals are a big part of our practice as well. Early on, I met a CPA firm whose work ethic and principles align with ours. They don’t do shoeboxes full of receipts; we don’t do taxes. It’s a perfect match. I’m so grateful that we met and that they place their faith in us. Together we work to give our mutual clients the best possible experience.

Who’s in your corner? My husband is a chemist. He could not reconcile a bank statement if he was using QBO and got the perfect green check mark without even trying. But that’s okay. He doesn’t know accounting, but he does know me. Whether it’s listening to me rant about a client who made a ridiculous demand or carrying a case of water up three flights of stairs to the office, he is always on my side. I’m grateful for all of the cheerleaders surrounding our team.

When you think about your journey, you can’t help but be grateful for the twists and turns that got you to this spot. This is a great time of year to acknowledge all of them. But really, isn’t every day? Thank you!